Taxi companies own lights


One of the key elements for success in a changing taxi industry is the construction of a strong and well-known brand that customers can easily identify and trust.

Separating you from others in the right way, especially in the twilight and in the dark, is important. Creating a strong image with a noticeable and well-known taxi light makes it easy for customers to identify the right taxi.

As the Finnish taxi market is changing, the profile of taxi companies and the brand awareness are more important than ever. In competitive markets, the company’s awareness is very important. Well-known brand specialist Hans Brindfors has said; “The taxi light is where people first recognize the taxi and that it is strongly associated with the company’s brand”. And here we agree!

We offer our customers the ability to obtain exclusivity on certain models of taxi lights to ensure that your taxi light is not used by others. These models are so called. “Marked with an exclusivity”. Contact us for more information and new ideas for finding your taxi light.

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